Closet Clean Out

Love it? List it? Lose it? I am having a major come to Jesus moment in my closet this morning that has been a long time coming. Once super poor, only to have mostly a wardrobe that consisted of hand me downs – don’t feel bad for me it definitely made me the resourceful gal I am today, I tend to be a bit of a clothing hoarder. I hold on to that once super poor mentality that I will never have money to buy another blazer so I must hold on to the super dated one from the Gap that really never looked good on me and is  now a size and a half too big because for SURE I will wear it. Well, no more. Not today. I’m officially done with all of that… for now. Today, I thoughtfully and at times painfully decided what stays and what goes. Here is how:

LOVE it: Only Items that make me feel my very best, that I absolutely LOVE got to stay. Even if I have not worn something in quite some time but when I tried it on it made me feel fab I let it live.

Lose it: All garments with holes, stains, excessive pilling got tossed in the TRASH. These are items that I would be too embarrassed to resell, and would not buy myself from a thrift store.

List it: all other items or items that are ill fitting, maybe have a lose thread or fallen hem. You get what im saying…my trash is another mans treasure..and boy is it a HAUL…. I am going to be a busy bee next week posting what I guesstimate to be about 50 to 60 items of buh buys.

I am SO excited to rebuild a wardrobe based off the items that make me feel and look my absolute best.


Donate your trash… get cash.

Mmm, so maybe your old clothes are not trash, but what if you could make some money on them? Here’s how:

  • Gather all old clothes in a bag
  • Email, call, text, PM me
  • I pick up your items
  • I sort and separate your items into two piles: donate and dollars 
  • All dollar items get posted to my site on Poshmark 
  • I share for 90 days or until till your item sells 
  • Once your item sells you get 30% of the profits, if your item does not sell it gets donated

Upside: you get cash for your old clothes that you were going to give away and don’t have to lift a finger further than bagging it up! C c call me!

Grunge 2017

What? You didn’t hear? That’s what’s hot for fall in 2017. Full out dirty greasy slimy and even really shit smelly grunge. Like, worse than the dirtiest 90s rock band you can think of… Convinced yet? 

Me neither, I’m just trying to sell that to you so you will think my dirty ass, bathroom is under Reno four day old hair and nails are on trend, and will still think I’m “in style” bah! 

It’s bad though in these past four days I have peed so many places, and my neighbors really know exactly how many times I poop. They also have started to get to know me, along with the rest of the world as I am free to say whatever I want with no judgement from my employer on fb and IT FEELS GOOD! Probably one of the best things so far about SAHM life. I curse like I talk, and I post things about poop, like this:


Here are some bathroom progress pics:    
I am painting myself today and i chose BEHR graceful grey. I need to cut this short because my son has told me he is hungry five times in the past three minutes. Standby for more progress pics as the day goes by! Happy Friday!


Fortunately, we meet people in our lives who have the ability to change our perception of things. If we didn’t, we would be a bunch of boring, closed minded, boxed in people. Right!? When I told our Nanny that I was going to stay home with the kids, also meaning she was out of a job, she did not blink with hesitation or breathe a negative word. She just offered support and shared her own story of how she chose to stay home with her kids when they were small and that she did not regret it for a day. I expressed to her my fear of financially failing and letting our family down, when she passed me this:

Love you, Bridget. These past few weeks there have been many moments where something has confirmed I am doing “the right thing” in quitting work and taking on these new ventures. My thrifting resale success is on the top of the moment list and the money is rolling in! Like Princess Ariel who longed so badly to be “part of the human world” I am headstrong lovesick and obsessed with finding deals, desperate to be in the top ranks with the Poshmarking Ebay gurus of the internet. In my first week of thrifting and reselling I put out $200 to invest in inventory and in the last 7 days I have made 100% of the money back and am in the plus $150 with 90% of my inventory still on hand! Check out my listings on Poshmark here: Click for Deals! So what’s the secrets? How am I doing it? Stay tuned for truths, tips and tricks on trying to thrive on thrift!

  “Watch and you’ll see, someday I’ll be, part of that world.”

Shoes for Sarah

This is the excerpt for your very first post.

If there is one thing I believe to always hold true when it comes to fashion is that a shoe can make or break an outfit. I also believe that you can not see the full potential of an outfit until you put on your shoes. Throughout my retail career I watch this happen so many times. Women emerge from the fitting room in a stunning little black dress that fits her like a glove only to have wool socks bunched up to her ankles… “I’m not sure its right. Its just not exactly….” Yes, yes, you should really take off those socks, I say. She laughs. No, really, TAKE OFF THE SOCKS…here, put on this strappy little shoe. I wait outside telling her “my story” about how when I get dressed every day I don’t even bother to look at myself in the mirror until I put on my shoes, I see her step out of the fitting room now a new woman. With total confidence and a huge smile she twirls around and shouts ITS PERFECT!

It took me a few years to figure this out, but once I did it was a lesson that stuck with me forever, and undoubtedly started my shoe obsession. Actually, when I REALLY think back, I blame my mother (sorry, Mom), as she introduced me to my favorite childhood book “Shoes for Angela.”  Do you know it? It’s a childrens book from the 60’s about a girl who is middle school aged or so and only owns two pairs of shoes “one pair was brown, for school. One pair was black, for good.” Womp Womp…Angela was bored, she might as well have been the women in the wool socks, and she longed for so much more diversity, color, and style, can I get an Amen? With her Birthday soon approaching, Angela wrote to her army of an extended family with one request: shoes. Birthday comes and BOOM…Angela got bombarded with boxes upon boxes of shoes for all occasions to go with all kinds of outfits. Of course Angelas room was a hot mess, she grew out of the shoes quicker than her mother could say told you so, AND THEN was forced to donate them to the PTA rummage sale. Worst part was she only made out with two new pairs that fit…”one brown for school, and one black for good,” poor girl. Needless to say I never cared that my closet is in a constant state of despair because I, like Angela really really like shoes. If you have not read it or have a little girl, it really is a sweet book with good lesson that although we always want more, we usually already have enough. This week, I quit my job. It was one of the hardest decisions I ever had to make as that job brings in a little less than half of our families income. I knew it was time and I took the jump because I am ready to take on the challenge of doing more with less. I am ready to teach my kids to be kind and resourceful humans. I am ready to reinvest my time, energy and passion into the things in life that are most important to me, the things that I LOVE.

family, fashion, furnishing, and functions – the four F’s of mInd4style! Enjoy!

shoes for angela