Closet Clean Out

Love it? List it? Lose it? I am having a major come to Jesus moment in my closet this morning that has been a long time coming. Once super poor, only to have mostly a wardrobe that consisted of hand me downs – don’t feel bad for me it definitely made me the resourceful gal I am today, I tend to be a bit of a clothing hoarder. I hold on to that once super poor mentality that I will never have money to buy another blazer so I must hold on to the super dated one from the Gap that really never looked good on me and is  now a size and a half too big because for SURE I will wear it. Well, no more. Not today. I’m officially done with all of that… for now. Today, I thoughtfully and at times painfully decided what stays and what goes. Here is how:

LOVE it: Only Items that make me feel my very best, that I absolutely LOVE got to stay. Even if I have not worn something in quite some time but when I tried it on it made me feel fab I let it live.

Lose it: All garments with holes, stains, excessive pilling got tossed in the TRASH. These are items that I would be too embarrassed to resell, and would not buy myself from a thrift store.

List it: all other items or items that are ill fitting, maybe have a lose thread or fallen hem. You get what im saying…my trash is another mans treasure..and boy is it a HAUL…. I am going to be a busy bee next week posting what I guesstimate to be about 50 to 60 items of buh buys.

I am SO excited to rebuild a wardrobe based off the items that make me feel and look my absolute best.

Donate your trash… get cash.

Mmm, so maybe your old clothes are not trash, but what if you could make some money on them? Here’s how:

  • Gather all old clothes in a bag
  • Email, call, text, PM me
  • I pick up your items
  • I sort and separate your items into two piles: donate and dollars 
  • All dollar items get posted to my site on Poshmark 
  • I share for 90 days or until till your item sells 
  • Once your item sells you get 30% of the profits, if your item does not sell it gets donated

Upside: you get cash for your old clothes that you were going to give away and don’t have to lift a finger further than bagging it up! C c call me!

Grunge 2017

What? You didn’t hear? That’s what’s hot for fall in 2017. Full out dirty greasy slimy and even really shit smelly grunge. Like, worse than the dirtiest 90s rock band you can think of… Convinced yet? 

Me neither, I’m just trying to sell that to you so you will think my dirty ass, bathroom is under Reno four day old hair and nails are on trend, and will still think I’m “in style” bah! 

It’s bad though in these past four days I have peed so many places, and my neighbors really know exactly how many times I poop. They also have started to get to know me, along with the rest of the world as I am free to say whatever I want with no judgement from my employer on fb and IT FEELS GOOD! Probably one of the best things so far about SAHM life. I curse like I talk, and I post things about poop, like this:


Here are some bathroom progress pics:    
I am painting myself today and i chose BEHR graceful grey. I need to cut this short because my son has told me he is hungry five times in the past three minutes. Standby for more progress pics as the day goes by! Happy Friday!


Fortunately, we meet people in our lives who have the ability to change our perception of things. If we didn’t, we would be a bunch of boring, closed minded, boxed in people. Right!? When I told our Nanny that I was going to stay home with the kids, also meaning she was out of a job, she did not blink with hesitation or breathe a negative word. She just offered support and shared her own story of how she chose to stay home with her kids when they were small and that she did not regret it for a day. I expressed to her my fear of financially failing and letting our family down, when she passed me this:

Love you, Bridget. These past few weeks there have been many moments where something has confirmed I am doing “the right thing” in quitting work and taking on these new ventures. My thrifting resale success is on the top of the moment list and the money is rolling in! Like Princess Ariel who longed so badly to be “part of the human world” I am headstrong lovesick and obsessed with finding deals, desperate to be in the top ranks with the Poshmarking Ebay gurus of the internet. In my first week of thrifting and reselling I put out $200 to invest in inventory and in the last 7 days I have made 100% of the money back and am in the plus $150 with 90% of my inventory still on hand! Check out my listings on Poshmark here: Click for Deals! So what’s the secrets? How am I doing it? Stay tuned for truths, tips and tricks on trying to thrive on thrift!

  “Watch and you’ll see, someday I’ll be, part of that world.”

No Time… like Now

I mentioned in my first post that I quit my job. I figure I should probably give a little more insight on why and dish my plan, cause you know I got plans. Dale is playing chess across from me right now and as I looked over at him my heart just flooded with warm. Mushy! Don’t worry I am not going to pretend I feel that way all the time because there are definitely those times I look at him and want to cut his throat out. Dale is not a jerk, he is not mean, and he has loved me better than any man before him. I married Dale because he is smart, interesting, different, an “odd bird” I called him yesterday.  He was also the first man I dated who was established, on his own, and looking for me to be a part of HIS already very beautiful life, instead of just trying to fit into mine. He was living in STL and I was in Jersey when we reconnected via Facebook messenger. I had just ended a 2 and a half-ish year relationship with a live in boyfriend who, I should note was awesome just not “the one.” Enter Dale…funny and smart, and so SO kind, he always knew what to say to impress me. He would talk to me about things I didn’t know a thing about like, Baroque Architecture and his favorite old Black and White movies (odd bird). Other than the Beatles I pretty much thought his music choice was the worst. The songs he would play sounded like a background music in a video game, but the video system was the original Nintendo and you had to blow in the disk because the screen was frozen repeating the same ping pang wommpppp noise over and over again, it was…different. Our first Christmas “dating” he sent me a piece of art he made in a frame, that I still have to this day and will never ever get rid of. He would read to me over the phone any old boring article or book he could find because I LOVE his voice and it would calm me to sleep. I fell in love with him, all of those things, and so much more.

dale christmas pic
Christmas Art 2010

Somehow, after dating for a few months I sold an entire household of things I had acquired in my 30 years on this earth, packed up my favorites in my Nissan Altima and drove across the country with my little Brother Billy in tow to help me steer towards my new life with this guy.  Now that I look back on that move it seems insane to have left my family, my friends, my job, and start fresh in a totally foreign place with my then 6 year old daughter by my side. I was alone and afraid! JK, I was not afraid at all actually, but quite the opposite… I was happy and sure, more confident about this decision than any other I had made because I knew it was right, and it was time to go chase new. When I got to STL a whole other thing happened and my feelings may have shifted a teeny bit. I went from super confident 1000% sure to kind of a wreck with a tear streaked face, when in the first 30 days Dale decided it was the right time to quit his job to start a new career and move to Dallas, TX. WTF, right?! I just moved my whole life to you and now everything is changing again! How dare you change when I’m changing! I definitely did not sign up for Texas, I definitely did not sign up for this at all yet we just. kept. going. We did not slow down, we did not quit, forward and together was the name of our street and it was a one way. Things moved fast those next couple of weeks. We sold Dales BMW, picked an apartment based on photos and online reviews alone, I quit my job, AND found out we were expecting our first son Ryan. Whew. What a time to be alive! Despite all of the changes and challenges, Dale and I knew that in order to make it work we needed to be there to lift each other up, to love laugh and cry as one unit, as the “power couple” we have decided to be.

So, here we are six years and a few months in and we are so freaking powerful. For real though…in those 6 we managed to relocate back to NJ, get our complete squad of 5 in place by birthing Alanas (13) brothers, Ryan (5) and Andrew (3), bought our first home, took on new careers, and got Dale his BMW back. We have had great success because we truly work our asses off day and night, seven days a week, 365. Working this hard was hard, our schedules sucked and we all were feeling the frustration of the grind. Dale works a pretty typical M-F 9-6ish schedule and I am the retail queen…late nights, holidays and weekends.  We we were losing too much time and missing out on the togetherness we had signed up for, the togetherness that we wanted so badly, and it was time to take it back. The time was NOW. So I quit! I quit my job that paid me enough to have a sick wardrobe, two brand new cars, a home of our own, yearly vacations and pretty much anything we could ever want, because there is absolutely NOTHING I want more than more time with our squad. So as I sit here reflecting on the decision, of course feeling 1000% confident and sure I look again at Dale, and I know that through this next round of challenges and changes  and tear streaked faces we will be just fine because we are doing it together, on our own time.

Goal: Maintain our lifestyle, my sick wardrobe, and obtain a better quality of life by investing more time into my family and making a home

Plan: Thrift, Posh, Thrift, Posh…Earn, Style, Posh, Style, Thrift,Earn. Nope, that is not a new catchy rap song, it’s the actions behind the plan

Brand: mINdforSTYLE is a style consulting company for your life with a focus on the four pillars I call “the four F’s” furnishings, fashion, function, and family.  Let’s organize your closet, dress you for an event, show you how to style your current wardrobe, decorate a room or your entire house with new or existing furnishings

mINdforSTYLE Mission: Inspiring you to beautify your life and tackle your dreams while being resourceful within your own budget

So what do you think? What in your life needs styling?

Christmas 2016
“Power Couple” Sarah and Dale Dempsey – Christmas 2016