Closet Clean Out

Love it? List it? Lose it? I am having a major come to Jesus moment in my closet this morning that has been a long time coming. Once super poor, only to have mostly a wardrobe that consisted of hand me downs – don’t feel bad for me it definitely made me the resourceful gal I am today, I tend to be a bit of a clothing hoarder. I hold on to that once super poor mentality that I will never have money to buy another blazer so I must hold on to the super dated one from the Gap that really never looked good on me and is  now a size and a half too big because for SURE I will wear it. Well, no more. Not today. I’m officially done with all of that… for now. Today, I thoughtfully and at times painfully decided what stays and what goes. Here is how:

LOVE it: Only Items that make me feel my very best, that I absolutely LOVE got to stay. Even if I have not worn something in quite some time but when I tried it on it made me feel fab I let it live.

Lose it: All garments with holes, stains, excessive pilling got tossed in the TRASH. These are items that I would be too embarrassed to resell, and would not buy myself from a thrift store.

List it: all other items or items that are ill fitting, maybe have a lose thread or fallen hem. You get what im saying…my trash is another mans treasure..and boy is it a HAUL…. I am going to be a busy bee next week posting what I guesstimate to be about 50 to 60 items of buh buys.

I am SO excited to rebuild a wardrobe based off the items that make me feel and look my absolute best.


Author: mINdforSTYLE

Personal Mission: "To live in love with my heart invested in people, and building strong lasting relationships. To recognize potential beauty in all things and inspire those around me do the same."

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