Donate your trash… get cash.

Mmm, so maybe your old clothes are not trash, but what if you could make some money on them? Here’s how:

  • Gather all old clothes in a bag
  • Email, call, text, PM me
  • I pick up your items
  • I sort and separate your items into two piles: donate and dollars 
  • All dollar items get posted to my site on Poshmark 
  • I share for 90 days or until till your item sells 
  • Once your item sells you get 30% of the profits, if your item does not sell it gets donated

Upside: you get cash for your old clothes that you were going to give away and don’t have to lift a finger further than bagging it up! C c call me!


Author: mINdforSTYLE

Personal Mission: "To live in love with my heart invested in people, and building strong lasting relationships. To recognize potential beauty in all things and inspire those around me do the same."

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