Grunge 2017

What? You didn’t hear? That’s what’s hot for fall in 2017. Full out dirty greasy slimy and even really shit smelly grunge. Like, worse than the dirtiest 90s rock band you can think of… Convinced yet? 

Me neither, I’m just trying to sell that to you so you will think my dirty ass, bathroom is under Reno four day old hair and nails are on trend, and will still think I’m “in style” bah! 

It’s bad though in these past four days I have peed so many places, and my neighbors really know exactly how many times I poop. They also have started to get to know me, along with the rest of the world as I am free to say whatever I want with no judgement from my employer on fb and IT FEELS GOOD! Probably one of the best things so far about SAHM life. I curse like I talk, and I post things about poop, like this:


Here are some bathroom progress pics:    
I am painting myself today and i chose BEHR graceful grey. I need to cut this short because my son has told me he is hungry five times in the past three minutes. Standby for more progress pics as the day goes by! Happy Friday!


Author: mINdforSTYLE

Personal Mission: "To live in love with my heart invested in people, and building strong lasting relationships. To recognize potential beauty in all things and inspire those around me do the same."

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