Fortunately, we meet people in our lives who have the ability to change our perception of things. If we didn’t, we would be a bunch of boring, closed minded, boxed in people. Right!? When I told our Nanny that I was going to stay home with the kids, also meaning she was out of a job, she did not blink with hesitation or breathe a negative word. She just offered support and shared her own story of how she chose to stay home with her kids when they were small and that she did not regret it for a day. I expressed to her my fear of financially failing and letting our family down, when she passed me this:

Love you, Bridget. These past few weeks there have been many moments where something has confirmed I am doing “the right thing” in quitting work and taking on these new ventures. My thrifting resale success is on the top of the moment list and the money is rolling in! Like Princess Ariel who longed so badly to be “part of the human world” I am headstrong lovesick and obsessed with finding deals, desperate to be in the top ranks with the Poshmarking Ebay gurus of the internet. In my first week of thrifting and reselling I put out $200 to invest in inventory and in the last 7 days I have made 100% of the money back and am in the plus $150 with 90% of my inventory still on hand! Check out my listings on Poshmark here: Click for Deals! So what’s the secrets? How am I doing it? Stay tuned for truths, tips and tricks on trying to thrive on thrift!

  “Watch and you’ll see, someday I’ll be, part of that world.”


Author: mINdforSTYLE

Personal Mission: "To live in love with my heart invested in people, and building strong lasting relationships. To recognize potential beauty in all things and inspire those around me do the same."

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